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2008-08-31 06:56:35 by VENOMSGOD101

Well now ive uploaded a old loop for audio go and check it out :)

my flash news 5

2007-10-24 10:12:10 by VENOMSGOD101

well it got blammed again BUT MY NEW GAME IS ON OTHER SITES and i am working on 2 new games a bunch of animnations and some other stuff

my flash news 4

2007-10-21 09:06:24 by VENOMSGOD101

well i have reposted my game and i fixed a glitch in it what one guy moaned about i hope that it does not get blamed

my flash news 3

2007-10-20 14:28:14 by VENOMSGOD101

i know i posted one before but now i am mad flash aint working and my new game got blamed so yeah i will try to make the game better and repost it.......